Two Thumb Winter Ale Trail Challenge

Christchurch craft beer lovers, are you ready?! We have created the Winter Ale Trail Challenge (#WATCh) that will have you craft beer hopping 11 JULY - 11 AUGUST

This will be a challenge of endurance, actions and craft beer! 

Two Thumb Winter Ale Trail Challenge

  • $200 BAR VOUCHER for the winning individual / team. 
  • The winner will help choose our next seasonal beer release
  • Get the next seasonal beer named after you / individual and welcome to join in the brew session if you want. 
  • The winner will get their photo on our brewery wall (we’re not even on the wall)

Two Thumb Winter Ale Trail Challenge

  1. The Winter Ale Trail Challenge, #WATCh starts 11 July. 
  2. You are welcome to enter the competition as a team or as an individual. 
  3. The #WATCh map below is a trail of one-off winter beer releases at our brewery on Manchester Street as well as at Two Thumb at The Yard, 173 St Asaph Street.
  4. You will receive Assignments for each beer release.
  5. The challenge will be to pitch up for every beer release, snap a photo and complete the assignment as instructed via email.

There may only be a few days between assignments and beer releases so keep an eye on the #WATCh map and on your emails. We will keep you well informed on progress via email as well as post status updates, assignments, the trail etc on our Facebook page. 

The winner will be the individual or team that has successfully completed the most assignments, and in the event of a tie we will look at the most original assignment completions … so think creatively for your photos! The competition will end on 21 August with a prize ceremony at our annual Winter Beer Fest at the brewery.

Two Thumb Winter Ale Trail Map

Two Thumb Winter Ale Trail Challenge

For the prize ceremony we will invite our #WATCh players AND unveil all the #WATCh beers you’ve been sipping.

If you’re keen to take on the Winter Ale Trail Challenge / #WATCh then confer with your mates and fill out our entry form below. 

Click the below button to register as a player. We will be #WATChing you.

Two Thumb Winter Ale Trail Challenge

Drink responsibly.

T's and C's apply.