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Core Range - KölschA kiwi spin on a German classic. Enjoy the summer fruit and honey notes with a hint of wheat, for that distinct European character. 



Core Range - NZ Pale Ale
To make this NZPA we use 4 types of malt and 4 types of hops, all grown in New Zealand. This unique combination produces a beer full of subtle sweet caramel favours and a pleasant mouth feel, combined with a refreshingly striking hop aroma and taste.


Core Range - Red Rye IPA
This beer began its life as our American Amber concept brew. With further refinements the beer’s popularity grew. Now you hold the end result: A full on hoppy red ale packed with loads of rye, delicious local malt and U.S. hops.


Core Range - Hop Helmet IPA
This beer began its life as one of our Beerhouse concept brews. The Helmet brand is a nod to Clayton’s father, a former policeman who also liked to dabble in home brewing. A hoppy punch in the bobby’s helmet that will leave you hurting for more.


Seasonal Releases
Keep your eye open for our seasonal specials. All our beers are small batch brewed, unfiltered and have no additives, to show off the wonderful flavours and aromas of the malts and hops. Brewed with fantastic pure Canterbury water.