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 A Lighter Shade of Pale

Low Alcohol Craft Beer
Our new low alcohol Pale Ale is flavourful and refreshing, perfect for a light night out. Balanced with plenty of Flaked Barley for a strong mouthfeel and tropical Kohatu hops to give it an excellent finish and bitterness





The Pilsner

Pilsner Craft Beer Online

Crisp, clean and refreshing. This German pilsner features a light grainy Pils malt character crisp and bitter, with a dry to medium-dry finish, paired with a palatable spicy or herby hop bitterness lingering into the aftertaste. Ideal partner for your next BBQ.




 Haze There Delilah NEIPA

NEIPA Haze Craft Beer Online

The N.E.I.P.A style of beer is the OG unfiltered hazy. With minimal bittering hops but lots of fruity hops, some added at high krausen (middle of fermentation). With the popularity of our hazy beers we thought we’d revisit our NEIPA trilogy and add another chapter!




Red Rye IPA

Red Rye IPA Craft Beer Online

This beer began its life as our American Amber concept brew. With further refinements the beer’s popularity grew. Now you hold the end result: A full on hoppy red ale packed with loads of rye, delicious local malt and U.S. hops.




Hop Helmet IPA

Hop Helmet IPA Craft Beer Online

This beer began its life as one of our Beerhouse concept brews. The Helmet brand is a nod to Clayton’s father, a former policeman who also liked to dabble in home brewing. A hoppy punch in the bobby’s helmet that will leave you hurting for more.




Black Forest Rye Milk Stout

Milk Stout Craft Beer online

Deep, dark, smooth milk stout. Made with Gladfield’s new Black Forest Rye malt which gives it a fantastic rich spicy dark fruit complexity … best served not chilled.




Seasonal Releases

Keep your eye open for our seasonal specials. All our beers are small batch brewed, unfiltered and have no additives, to show off the wonderful flavours and aromas of the malts and hops. Brewed with fantastic pure Canterbury water.